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We all have taken inspiration from something or someone. me, I took inspiration from these 3 lovely ladies. these are just 3 of the women who inspired my work on dA and 2 of my OCs. who are they?

Rose Thomas.

Rose was the biggest inspiration for 2 of my OC's and you can see by looking at Torige. Rose was a character in Full Metal Alchemist and she was the woman the 2 main characters fell in inlove with near the end. Rose is a very religous young woman and many years ago she was tricked by a preist that he could bring the dead back to life. Rose blindly followed this man in hopes to see her loved ones again. but then came the day she learned the truth and was devasted. nevertheless, she still found a way to move on. years later, the military arrived in her home town and tourtured Rose in such a horrible way she was unable to speak for many years. but what brought a smile back to her face was the day she became a mother. unfortunately not too long afterwards, Rose was brainwashed by a demon named Dante to think she was also inlove with Edward and Al to trick them into letting their guard down. Dante had planned to steal Rose's body in a attempt to cheat death because her body was starting to decay. so she wanted to make Rose as appealing to Ed and Al as possible. but Edward caught on to Dante's plan and pushed Rose aside for her safety because she wasn't aware of what was really happening. Rose finally came to her senses when she saw Edward killed. she stayed with Edward for as long as possibly until he was resurrected by his brother. after that, Rose bought her own orphanage to care for the children who lost their parents. Rose just cant help but concern over the well being of others. this may be because she lost her own parents long ago and was alone for a period of time. unfortunately Rose did not have much screen time during Full Metal Alchemist but I still enjoyed what screen time she did have.


Rose is what inspired Xegito's black dress, the Black Valkyrie. and she inspired Xegito's loving nature. once I start drawing Rose, I cant stop. yeah... I kinda exaggerated what she really looks like.…………


By making her dress bigger, her hair longer, and her chest at a Cup-K. but I just freaken LOVE Rose so much. she inspired 2 of my OCs and I still adore her most of all. :D


It's just too bad there isn't more art of her on dA.


Up next is the woman behind Rose. Princess Valkyrie.……

Ever thought Valhalla was actually a planet in space where more than 70% of the world's population is women? Princess Valkyrie is the main character of the anime, UFO Ultra Maiden Valkyrie. she is next in line to inherit the throne and rule over the galaxy but in order to do that, she has to marry some jackass prince she doesn't even like. not wanting this life anymore, Valkyrie fled to Earth in one of the royal space cruisers to hide and hope she never has to see that jerk again. unfortunately when entering orbit something went wrong with her ship and she crash landed on top of someone's house and killed the home owner. feeling horrible that she accidently killed someone, she split her soul into 2 pieces and gave the man hers to keep him alive. doing this split Valkyrie in half, but not exactly in the way you think. she regressed back to her childhood self, much like what happened to Goku in GT. while Valkyrie still has her memories but everything else about her has returned to a child-like innocence. Valkyrie can return to her original form by re-absorbing the soul she gave and once back into her true form... through kissing... yeah, doesnt seem like a favorable transformation since it is not a independant one, because what if Valkyrie has to fight and her boyfriend is no where nearby? but it works. Valkyrie is followed by a army of Neko maids that are extremely loyal to her. her head maid is Sanada, a Neko who is secretly a lesbian inlove with the princess. Valkyrie is also one of the 7 divine princesses that will inherit Valhalla.


Valkyrie is what inspired Xegito's wings on her head.


The 3rd inspirational woman will be Beby from Armored Troopers J-Pheonix PF Lips Team.

Unfortunately I have very, VERY little info about her since the show only ran for 3 episodes and she appeared in episode 3.


All I could gather is that she was once a normal girl until she was taken by some organization and genetically engineered until she grew gigantic. I don't know why. to be some kind of new super soldier? to be the next step in human evolution? some pervert's dream come true? I have no idea. but she is who inspired Xegito's blue hair and yellow eyes.


Another character who inspired Xegito is Mitsuki from Kappa Mikey who did not make it onto this image but I'm still mentioning her now.

Mitsuki is a teenage girl from Japan with blue hair and green hairs and a love for skin tight pants. Mitsuki has a full time job as a actress on a famous TV show where she fell in love with a incompetent spikey haired red head American named Philip J Fry... oops, I mean Mikey. Mitsuki has alot of secrets she prefers not to share with her friends. such as the real reason she knows Martial Arts as well as other fighting styles. just like Fluttershy, she has a special way with animals and no one can help but fall for her. unfortunately, Kappa Mikey did not last long on Nickelodeon and thus the show was cancelled even though Mitsuki was the character who carried it.

I wanted to make a quick tribute image to these women I love with all my heart. I actually started on this image a while ago so I thought I'd finish it. I only wish there was more fan art of these characters on dA.

My only regret is not making Rose's gown even bigger than this. :D

I do not own any of these characters.

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ValGaavTheDragon Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Good inspirations for sure ^.^
veronarmon Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gorgeous big dress
suntwilig Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
looks the super the girls
HeroofLightandDark Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Well glad to see these 3 helped you in making the 3 lovable giantesses we love to see .Xegito, Xota, and Torige.
mrMagnarock Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017  Hobbyist
WHAIT, "I kinda exaggerated what she really looks like" mean to tell me Rose is NOT a loving caring uber busty woman?, darn i was sure she was...
Elementalia89 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
Great work! Keep going!
GokuMartin Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
Awesome! :highfive:
Dragonkingmark Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
oh man Kappa Mickey was one of my favorite shows, good times, and glad someone also loves Rose from FMA, nice to know where you got your inspiration from
kasden95 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
Speaking of Valkyrie, I've got the Ultramaiden Collection.
Godforoth Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
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